Review by Blair Davie (@blairdavie1)

winterThieves are a Scottish two-piece band based between Edinburgh and Dundee and have caught our attention with their new single, ‘Sky’.
‘Sky’ is a stunning mix of ambient, slow building, melancholy that seems to effortlessly tug at the heart strings as the track builds and builds.
An instrumental piece, the music reflects the feeling of weightlessness whilst simultaneously being deep and relaxing. It’s this balance that winterThieves create with ease that makes them such a joy to listen to.
The video, shot by Gavin Craigie, perfectly embodies the emotion that ‘Sky’ so successfully creates through a beautiful shot of a serene landscape you could dream of visiting.

Catch the winterThieves’ debut gig supporting Rev Magnetic at Conroy’s Basement on the 2nd of June or keep up to date with all the latest from them over on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

‘Sky’ is available on multiple music platforms including Apple Music, Bandcamp, Soundcloud and Spotify.


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